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A Little Turkish History

500 YEARS OF OTTOMAN CUISINE In the Palace and in the homes of the elite, meals were eaten from low tables (sofra), the tops of which were only slightly of the floor.

At meal times the servants would bring large round trays(sini) made of tin-plated copper and generally engraved with elaborate motifs, and place them on small folding supports.

The Ottomans ate with their fingers, never with knives and forks.They tore bread with their hands, and as meat arrived already cut into small pieces, and chicken well-cooked and thus tender, these were easily eaten with the fingers, while rice would be taken to the mouth between three fingers.


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Every Detail Is Important

Therefore, before meals were served at the palace and in the residences of the elite, those about to eat would wash their hands in water poured from a long-spouted pitcher into a bowl by servants whose duty this was.

Guests would eat only a few mouthfuls of each of the many dishes, since it was considered bad manners to eat a lot, without a pause, or to take someone elses turn.


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